Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Everyone has an email account. Sometimes keeping up with your emails is a daunting task. Mailbox, by Orchestra, solves this problem. 

This gesture-based Gmail app is your one-stop-shop for decluttering your inbox. The premise of the app is to reach "Inbox Zero", when all of your various emails are deleted or archived, to see whatever beautiful Instagram photo the app shows that day. The sleek design of Mailbox is great for aesthetics, but even greater for productivity, eliminating any distracting buttons or options. 

Another nice feature in Mailbox is the ability to save emails for later. At the barber? No biggie, just swipe and tap "Afternoon". Watching an intense TV show with your family? Simply instruct the app to remind you later today. 

Compared to the standard Gmail app and, Mailbox is a clear winner. Needless to say, I use it every day.
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