Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo, by Milkbag and Nimblebit, is a crazy addicting pixelized game brought to you by the publisher of Tiny Tower. When I first downloaded this game, I was skeptical. "Oh, another pixel game by those Tiny Tower dudes," I thought. 

I was wrong, but only to an extent.

When you first start playing the game, you immediately get hooked. Between the dancing animals and the "rescue puzzle", you just can't bring yourself to put your phone down. You have to keep playing or you won't get the maximum amount of coins. You can't put it down or your animals will fall asleep. From here, your social life spirals down endlessly.

Until you rank up more.

When you rank up, you notice that it's increasingly difficult to rescue animals and earn coins. To rank up again, you need to rescue hundreds of animals, then on top of that, pay a huge chunk of coins to rank up. It turns into a passive game in which you unlock your phone every hour just to wake animals up. It begins to get boring. "Better check up on my zoo, I guess," you think. It becomes a chore, similar to Farmville on Facebook. 

How do you make it less boring? You buy Discobux, the second in-game currency, which is rarely given to you while playing. Instead, you have to buy in-app-purchases. This game is great at microtransactions, but that isn't something to be proud of. 

Some may be wondering, "Where's the disco part?" Want to start a disco, where your animals earn twice as many coins and don't sleep? Just pay one Discobuck and you can disco for a whole minute. Or, you can buy some more Discobux and pay your way to the top. 

Sorry, Discozoo, you've been fun to play for the past few days, but I'm calling it quits.
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